A Very Messy Inspection



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Young Piccolo Grande lives all alone in his big family house. With his parents missing in the Tropics, he has only the fish to talk to . . . until a small, breathless lady with wild red hair suddenly swoops down from the sky, come to look after him. Piccolo isn't at all sure he needs lookingafter, but how can you argue with your guardian angel? For that is what Annabelle turns out to be! The trouble is, she's noisy and just a bit embarrassing-where she goes, disaster is sure to follow. And it's Piccolo who has to sort it all out-Annabelle stuck up a tree (trying out her flying),Annabelle at the police station (having decided not to pay for her shopping), Annabelle trying out her stress relief spray on the unsuspecting delivery man. But as Piccolo admits to himself it's certainly more fun having her around. So when she reveals that the angel inspector is due to visit, thelast thing they want is for her to fail his test . . .

Book info
Author Stephen Axelsen
Publisher Oxford University Press
Year of publication 2006
Number of pages 147
Language English
Format Hardback
ISBN-10 192726099
ISBN-13 9780192726094
Illustrator Stephen Axelsen

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A Very Messy Inspection

A Very Messy Inspection

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