• Boardbook

    Board Books

    A board book is a type of book that typically has a hard cover and is printed on thick paperboard. The paperboard is printed and used for both the cover and the interior pages. This thick paperboard construction makes board books quite durable, which is important as many younger children use their books during teething. 

    Board books cater mainly to younger children such as babies and toddlers and kids aged 3 to 5. Some board books offer full-length narratives; others concentrate on detailed interaction. Younger children should focus on stimulating colours, shapes, sounds, sensory experiences and words.

  • Hardback

    Hardcover books have more durable covers, which is an obvious advantage for children's books. As children's books are often read many times and be handled roughly, strength and durability is particularly relevant for kids books.

    Hardcover books are also often larger than the paperback version of a book. A larger size has two benefits:

    1. You and your child will be able to enjoy the visual aspects of a book that has beautiful illustrations if the book is bigger,
    2. The font size of the text is often larger which makes it easier for parents’ eyes to read.

    Hardcover books are usually sold at higher prices than comparable paperbacks. If a high sales volume is expected, a hardcover edition of a book is typically released first, followed by a paperback edition the following year.

  • Paperback

    A paperback, also known as a softcover or softback, is a type of book characterised by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches.

    Paperback books have a place in every child's library. Paperbacks are lighter and less bulky which is useful if your are holding the book rather than placing it on a table. They are often cheaper too. 

    Many children's books, and especially new releases, are not available in paperback versions. 

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