The Silly Little Book of Stupid Jokes



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Why couldn't the butterfly go to the dance? Because it was a moth-ball Why wouldn't the skeleton go to the ghoul's school disco? He had no body to go with Teacher: What happened to your homework Boy: I made it into a paper plane and someone hijacked it. You'll find loads more stupid jokes jokes inside-all in this handy-sized Httle book. There are jokes about everything from classrooms and cannibals to canaries and Count Dracula-in fact, about every subject imaginable When you need a few stupid jokes, this is the book for you!

Book info
Publisher Parragon
Year of publication 2000
Number of pages 248
Language English
Format Hardback
ISBN-10 752536907
ISBN-13 9780752536903

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The Silly Little Book of Stupid Jokes

The Silly Little Book of Stupid Jokes

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