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Meet Lara, Spy Dog extraordinaire, as she tries to not grow too fond of the humans looking after her between missions Forget 007, It's time to meet GM451: a Spy Dog. the first of her kind! Agent's ID: GM451, or LARA, or Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal, or that pesky mutt. Distinguishing Features: Black and white mongrel, appears ordinary when working undercover, one black ear sticks up and the other flops down over one eye. Skills: Whistling, computer skills, unarmed combat, five languages, PlayStation grandmaster, and many others. . . Employer: The Secret Service. Hates: Villains, injustice, and crime. Current Mission: Escape an evil drug baron, go undercover, await retrieval by the Secret Service, and try not to get too fond of the family she has chosen to looks after her. . .

Book info
Author Andrew Cope
Publisher Puffin Books
Year of publication 2005
Number of pages 166
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 141318848
ISBN-13 9780141318844
Illustrator Andrew Farley

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Spy Dog

Spy Dog

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