Rocket to the Jungle (Say the Sounds Phonics Reading Scheme : Book 1)



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This reading scheme comprises eight titles that can be used alongside any other method of learning to read. The books are intended for beginner readers and focus on phonics. The series introduces most of the 44 sounds in the English language - 26 initial sounds, digraphs (2 letters such as ch) , phenomes (blends as in str), middle blends (oo) and final blends (ing).The first 100 most used words are introduced , repeated and carried over from book to book. A further 200 words are used and repeated a minimum of 3 times each in the story in which they first appear. Extra repitition is given in the activity books through a variety of reading, writing and other activities. Ben and Jenny two lively six to seven-year olds feature in each story. Through their games and activities the reader is transported to a world of make-believe. Each book begins with pages introducing particular sounds which are then used in the story.

Book info
Author Jill Corby
Publisher Ladybird Books
Year of publication 1993
Number of pages 48
Language English
Format Hardback
ISBN-10 721415237
ISBN-13 9780721415239
Illustrator Mimi Everett

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Rocket to the Jungle (Say the Sounds Phonics Reading Scheme : Book 1)

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