Read Write Inc. Home Phonics: the Spell: Book 2d



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The Read Write Inc. Phonics storybooks provide structured practice for children in decoding words and reading through phonics. Each set of books is carefully graded so children can read them with confidence. Read Write Inc. Phonics storybooks help parents support their child by: BL Using Ruth Miskin's successful tried-and-tested phonic methodology for reading success BL Offering practical and effective advice in guiding their child through every story BL Building confidence using fun and engaging stories with opportunities for talk and praise throughout The structured phonic stories in Books 2c and 2d are written for parents to plan achievable reading sessions with their child and build reading stamina from Books 1c and 1d. Reading steps for success: BL Practise reading the Speed Sounds before each story BL Read the Red and Green words before each story BL Read the story to decode every word BL Re-read the story to reinforce meaning BL Re-read the story for fluency The spell Book 2d, includes the following phonically decodable story-rhymes: 1. The spell - Stitch the witch likes her home to be clean and tidy. She is cross because her cat has left paw marks on her bed, so she casts a spell on the poor cat! 2. Black Hat Bob - Pirates are sailors who steal from other ships. Black Hat Bob is a friendly pirate, but his enemy, Red Hat Rob, wants to steal Bob's money that he keeps in a cash box. Will he succeed? Every rhyming story uses artwork by Tim Archbold, who uses a style that has been likened to Quentin Blake's, which children love. It is recommended that parents use the RWI Phonics Speed Sound Flashcards Set 1 and Sets 2 and 3 to practise before and alongside children reading any of the RWI storybooks. RWI Level in Schools: Although these books have been created for the home market, they have been written to Green Level of the RWI school books. The creator of Read Write Inc., Ruth Miskin, is currently involved in a series of nationwide training programmes for primary schools, commissioned by the UK government's Department for Education and Skills.

Data sheet
Author Ruth Miskin
Publisher Oxford University Press
Year of publication 2008
Number of pages 24
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 198386788
ISBN-13 9780198386780
Series Read Write Inc Phonics

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Read Write Inc. Home Phonics: the Spell: Book 2d

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