The Prime Minister is 10 Today



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A very funny anthology of poems exploring what children would do if they were in charge. Bossing parents around? Yes! Only ever eating ice cream? Maybe. Going to school? Read it and see...from 'The Prime Minister is 10 Today' by David Harmer This morning I abolished homework, detention and dinner ladies. I outlawed lumpy custard, school mashed spuds and handwriting lessons. From now on playtimes must last two hours unless it rains, in which case we all go home except the teachers who must do extra PE outside in the downpour.

Book info
Author David Harmer
Publisher Macmillan Publishers
Year of publication 2003
Number of pages 88
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 330415220
ISBN-13 9780330415224
Illustrator Sam Hearn

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The Prime Minister is 10 Today

The Prime Minister is 10 Today

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