The Owl Service



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The flowery owl pattern on the old dinner service, which Gwyn finds in a loft, obsessed Alison. Its discovery marks the start of an extraordinary chain of events that affect not only Gwyn and Alison, but also her stepbrother, Roger. For there's a power stirring in the remote valley that dates from a sad and distant myth - tragic Welsh legend that has begun to repeat itself. Gwyn tries to shake off his involvement by running away, but he cannot escape, and, as the tension mounts, he is made to realise that only by facing up to the myth can it be resolved

Book info
Author Alan Garner
Publisher HarperCollins
Year of publication 1998
Number of pages 224
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 7635702
ISBN-13 9780007635702
Illustrator James Marsh

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The Owl Service

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