The Night Of the Unicorn



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There it was - a sky full of shooting stars. They sped through the black night winking and glistening, and although their voices were silent, Amber felt they were trying to tell her a secret. The following morning, Amber awakes to all sorts of discoveries. Hennie, her favourite hen, has vanished; a strange white horse has appeared at the animal sanctuary; and Luke Foster, the unhappy new boy at school, confides in Amber his impossible wish. But perhaps what Luke is looking for is not so far out of reach. For it suddenly seems that anything might happen...

Book info
Author Jenny Nimmo
Publisher Walker Books
Year of publication 2003
Number of pages 128
Language English
Format Hardback
ISBN-10 744590728
ISBN-13 9780744590722
Illustrator Terry Milne

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The Night Of the Unicorn

The Night Of the Unicorn

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