My Playful Puppy Problem!



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Dear friends, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE sharing my adventures as a classroom hamster with all my friends. But sometimes my paw gets tired from so much writing! To give it a rest, I've written someshorter tales that are every bit as funny and exciting as my According to Humphrey books. They're called Humphrey's Tiny Tales and they've even got illustrations! (I'm quite pleased at how cute I look in the pictures.) I'm unsqueakably excited to share my new stories with you and I think Humphrey fans and new younger readers will be excited too! Your Furry Friend, Humphrey Humphrey has loved helping Richie with his science project, but then Richie's new dog bounds in and ruins all their hard work! If only Humphrey can keep that playful puppy away, he has a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT idea to save the day, but will it work? He's in for a close call and another fur-raising adventure!

Book info
Author Betty G. Birney
Publisher Faber and Faber
Year of publication 2013
Number of pages 86
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 571282474
ISBN-13 9780571282470
Illustrator Penny Dann
Series According to Humphrey

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My Playful Puppy Problem!

My Playful Puppy Problem!

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