Inventors and Their Bright Ideas



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You've probably heard of a few inventors and their bright ideas..*Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone *George Stevenson and his Rocket (which was really a train) *John Logie Baird and his television. But have you heard that...*Bell didn't invent the phone, but he did make a weird machine out of hay and a human ear *Stevenson didn't invent the train, but he did spend a lot of time collecting gas in bladders *Baird's telly was useless, and so were his thermostatic socks? Yes, even though they're dead, inventors are still full of surprises-and the ten in this book are more surprising than most. Now you can get the inside story from their long lost notebooks, read the ground-breaking news stories as their inventions hit the headlines, and find out all about the bright ideas that changed the world.

Data sheet
Author Dr Mike Goldsmith
Publisher Scholastic
Year of publication 2002
Number of pages 208
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 439981093
ISBN-13 9780439981095
Illustrator Clive Goddard
Categories Ages 9 to 12, Paperback, Novels, Lifestyle, Ages 13 to 18

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Inventors and Their Bright Ideas

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