Delivery Rates to Brunei

Currently, My Children's Books ships to Brunei using Pos Malaysia's air parcel service. The estimated time is 8 to 11 days and a track and trace service is included in the price. 

Brunei Air Parcel Rates



Below 0.5kg RM35.00
Below 1kg RM35.00
Below 1.5kg RM38.00
Below 2kg RM41.00
Below 2.5kg RM44.00
Below 3kg RM47.00
Below 3.5kg RM50.00
Below 4kg RM53.00
Below 4.5kg RM56.00
Below 5kg RM59.00
Below 5.5kg RM62.00
Below 6kg RM65.00
Below 6.5kg RM68.00
Below 7kg RM71.00
Below 7.5kg RM74.00
Below 8kg RM77.00
Below 8.5kg RM80.00
Below 9kg RM83.00
Below 9.5kg RM86.00
Below 10kg RM89.00
Below 10.5kg RM92.00
Below 11kg RM95.00
Below 11.5kg RM98.00
Below 12kg RM101.00
Below 12.5kg RM104.00
Below 13kg RM107.00
Below 13.5kg RM110.00
Below 14kg RM113.00
Below 14.5kg RM116.00
Below 15kg RM119.00
Below 15.5kg RM122.00
Below 16kg RM125.00
Below 16.5kg RM128.00
Below 17kg RM131.00
Below 17.5kg RM134.00
Below 18kg RM137.00
Below 18.5kg RM140.00
Below 19kg RM143.00
Below 19.5kg RM146.00
Below 20kg RM149.00
Below 20.5kg RM152.00
Below 21kg RM155.00
Below 21.5kg RM158.00
Below 22kg RM161.00
Below 22.5kg RM164.00
Below 23kg RM167.00
Below 23.5kg RM170.00
Below 24kg RM173.00
Below 24.5kg RM176.00
Below 25kg RM179.00
Below 25.5kg RM182.00
Below 26kg RM185.00
Below 26.5kg RM188.00
Below 27kg RM191.00
Below 27.5kg RM194.00
Below 28kg RM197.00
Below 28.5kg RM200.00
Below 29kg RM203.00
Below 29.5kg RM206.00
Below 30kg RM209.00

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