Horrible Science: Really Rotten Experiments



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Ever wanted to experiment with the sick side of science? "Really Rotten Experiments" is packed with loud, noisy, wet and soggy experiments that are guaranteed to make your friends and teachers squirm! Are you itching to find out...who invented pong-free underpants? Which strange scientists ate tadpoles for tea? The revolting recipe for green slime? Plus learn to dance like a skunk, eat like a chimp and chat in cat language. With crazy cartoons, queasy quizzes and a terrible term at Rotten Road School, "Really Rotten Experiments" is simply oozing with info! This is a bumper volume of Horrible experiments to keep children entertained for hours. The topics covered will include: blood 'n' guts body experiments, nasty noise experiments, seriously stinky experiments, dangerous dinosaur experiments, scary space experiments and much, much more! Although the main 'meat' will be the experiments, each chapter will also include cartoon stories, snappy facts and quirky quizzes and will be written in a way that allows readers to read the book for fun as well as something they'd only look at to try the experiments.

Book info
Author Nick Arnold
Publisher Scholastic
Year of publication 2003
Number of pages 100
Language English
ISBN-10 439977355
ISBN-13 9780439977357
Illustrator Tony de Saulles
Series Horrible Science

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Horrible Science: Really Rotten Experiments

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