Funny Frank



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Frank is a funny chick. Unlike all his brothers and sisters, he wants to dabble about in the lovely duck pond, splashing himself with water. Most of all, he wants to learn to swim. Can Jemima, the farmers daughter, find a way to help Frank? All he thinks about are webbed feet, waterproof feathers, and the cool water of the pond. So when Frank takes a dip and nearly drowns, his mood turns foul. Luckily, he gets a little human helpin the form of a man-made wet suit and a pair of flippersand soon hes the speediest bird in the water. And while Frank knows hes ruffled a few feathers, he doesnt caretheres just too much for him to crow about. Until a certain young chick catches his eye, that is....

Book info
Author Dick King-Smith
Publisher Corgi
Year of publication 2002
Number of pages 112
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 552547484
ISBN-13 9780552547482
Illustrator John Eastwood

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Funny Frank

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