The Elephant's Trump



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Aliens are coming to get up your nose! A long time ago, on a planet really, really far away, a bunch of slimy aliens discovered the secret to clean, renewable energy snot!That was when the Galactic Union of Nasty Killer Aliens (G.U.N.K.) was born. Its mission: to find human life and drain its snot. Rockets were sent to the four corners of the known universe, each carrying representatives from the major alien races.Three of them were never heard from again. But one of them landed on a planet quite simply full of humans.This one.Now all that stands between earth and alien invasion is a hero named Jack. Problem is, he"s not even out of primary school yet!

Book info
Author Jonny Moon
Publisher HarperCollins
Year of publication 2010
Number of pages 112
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 7310951
ISBN-13 9780007310951
Illustrator Vincent Vigla

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The Elephant's Trump

The Elephant's Trump

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