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How to actually arose on Earth the continents? Actually, what is the greenhouse effect? Why thunder and lightning during a thunderstorm? The kids in this book are interested and find answers to similar questions. The publication is not only to illuminate the mysteries of Earth's surface and interior, but also covers the Earth's atmosphere and explain the processes taking place in the universe. The curious reader can get a clear view of the geological, geographical, climatic and cosmic linkages. The book explores all of us to understand the form of knowledge, scientific research has revealed that our home, the blue planet. Excellent photo and color illustration demonstrates, inter alia, the winds, the clouds and the formation of thunderstorms, their role in nature and facilitate the complex relationships simpler approach.

Book info
Author NGV
Publisher NGV
Year of publication 2008
Number of pages 96
Language English
Format Hardback
ISBN-10 3625120496
ISBN-13 9783625120490
Illustrator NGV

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The Earth

The Earth

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