The Disaster Diaries: Zombies!



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It's the end of term and Sam and Arty are anxiously awaiting the final bell. They barely pay attention when the bumbling science teacher causes an explosion and accidentally covers one of the pupils with a strange goo. Sam and Arty are sure it won't be serious - stuff like this happens all the time at their school. But then zombies (and bits of zombies) start turning up, desperate to munch on braaaaaaaiiiins! With a bunch of useless adults quickly getting themselves infected instead of sorting the situation out, Sam, Arty and their fearless friend Emmie have to take charge. If they can't find a cure, they'll be zombie breakfast . . .

Book info
Author R. McGeddon
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
Year of publication 2014
Number of pages 176
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 349001758
ISBN-13 9780349001753
Illustrator Jamie Littler

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The Disaster Diaries: Zombies!

The Disaster Diaries: Zombies!

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