Dates, Double Dates and Big, Big Trouble



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Ally's feeling inadequate. Why is it that her only romantic experience amounts to a burping-in-mouth scenario with Keith Brownlow? Kyra's only been in Crough End two seconds and she's got a boyfriend already! Even Ally's dad seems to be 'dating'-which is not only embarrassing, but also worrying-has he forgotten all about her mum? Could it be that he's found someone else? Still, Ally's not sure what's more worrying-not having a boyfriend, or being invited on a double date with Kyra, Ricardo (yes, that's his real name) and Ricardo's mate. Wonder what this boy's going to be like...

Book info
Author Karen McCombie
Publisher Scholastic
Year of publication 2001
Number of pages 192
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 439998697
ISBN-13 9780439998697
Illustrator Spike Gerrell

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Dates, Double Dates and Big, Big Trouble

Dates, Double Dates and Big, Big Trouble

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