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Cooking is science and this book is packed with exciting recipes for scientists of all ages. Make cup cakes and find out why beating the eggs and using baking powder makes them rise. Cook a Bolognese sauce and discover why onions make you cry and what happens to the molecules in the meat when you cook it. Reveal the insulating power of meringue when you make a Baked Alaska - the oven's hot but the ice cream stays frozen. You will also find out about the amazing scientific powers of ingredients such as gelatine, yeast and eggs. There are sections about the history of food, preserving and packaging, growing food, and vitamins and minerals. And if that wasn't enough we have looked at really healthy ways of preparing the food too. Yum!

Book info
Author Jon Milton
Publisher Macmillan Publishers
Year of publication 2011
Number of pages 96
Language English
Format Hardback
ISBN-10 330517716
ISBN-13 9780330517713

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Cook It!

Cook It!

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