Boudica and Her Barmy Army



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You've probably heard of Boudica...She is dead famous for: - galloping to battle in a rattling chariot - being big and kinda scary - getting very, very angry with her Roman rulers But have you heard that Boudica: - learned to use weapons when she was a little girl - chopped off the Emperor Claudius's head (well, sort of) - burned London to the ground? Yes, even though she's dead, Boudica's still full of surprises. Now you can get the inside story with Boudica's secret diary, get all the news from the Roman Messenger and the British Bugle and find out just how Boudica and her barmy army seriously put the wind up the Romans. Dead Funny - Dead Gripping - Dead Famous

Data sheet
Author Valerie Wilding
Publisher Scholastic
Year of publication 2005
Number of pages 160
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 439963575
ISBN-13 9780439963572
Illustrator Clive Goddard
Categories Ages 9 to 12, Adventure, Paperback, Novels, Adult, Ages 13 to 18

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Boudica and Her Barmy Army

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