The Aeneid of Virgil



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Aeneas the True - son of Venus and of a mortal father - escapes from Troy after it is sacked by the conquering Greeks. He undergoes many trials and adventures on a long sea journey, from a doomed love affair in Carthage with the tragic Queen Dido to a sojourn in the underworld. All the way, the hero is tormented by the meddling of the vengeful Juno, Queen of the Gods and a bitter enemy of Troy, but his mother and other gods protect Aeneas from despair and remind him of his ultimate destiny - to find the great city of Rome. Reflecting the Roman peoples' great interest in the myth' of their origins, Virgil (70-19 BC) made the story of Aeneas glow with a new light in his majestic epic.

Book info
Publisher Penguin Group
Year of publication 1956
Number of pages 316
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 140440518
ISBN-13 9780140440515
Adapted/retold by C. Day Lewis

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The Aeneid of Virgil

The Aeneid of Virgil

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