Puppy Power 3 (Honey)



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Life has been a bit Yawnsome since I, Summer Holly Love, trained my golden Labrador, Honey, to become a Doggy of Well-Behaved and Quietish Proportions. Which is why it's so faberoony-tastic that Honey is expecting her 'very own litter' of pups! Now that she is a mum-to-be, her eating habits have gone loop-the-loop crazy, and she keeps building Strange nests all over our house. Meanwhile, I am having to sort out my sister's Love Dramas with her boyfriend, Nick the vet, who has been spending rather a lot of time with his new nurse, Felicity Shufflebottom. Will the arrival of Honey's tiny pups make everyone happier or will our household simply dissolve into Mayhem and Chaos?

Data sheet
Author Anna Wilson
Publisher Pan Macmillan
Year of publication 2009
Number of pages 304
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 330452916
ISBN-13 9780330452915
Illustrator Moira Munro

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Puppy Power 3 (Honey)

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